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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    February 14, 2017

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    Q: Why does motion detection keep stopping after one hour?

    A: A free account comes with one hour of continuous detection. Premium accounts come with unlimited, uninterrupted detection.

    Q: Why are motion captures stored in the cloud?

    A: As soon as motion is detected, footage is uploaded to the cloud so that you may immediately view it through a web browser or the Simple Home Monitor mobile app. This also provides a backup so that if the computer running the monitor software is stolen or lost, you will have a copy of the motion capture evidence under your password protected online account.

    Q: How come the alarm isn't immediately triggered when I move in front of the camera?

    A: Several mechanisms are in place to prevent false positives from being reported (false positives such as changes in daylight, or your camera refocusing). Thus, some particular types of motion may not be readily detected. Distinct object movements are better detected with good lighting conditions and sufficient distance between the monitored area and the camera. See these tips for more details.

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