Simple Home Monitor is an inexpensive home security solution that makes use of your existing home computer, webcam and mobile device.

Use Simple Home Monitor with your webcam to detect motion while you are asleep or away, and it will report intrusions to your mobile device and store captured image data to the cloud.


A computer running Windows or Linux
A webcam connected to the computer
A mobile phone running Android OS (optional, but recommended)

Download and installation

Download and run the Simple Home Monitor installation software for your home computer
Sign up for an account and then log-in to the software with your username and password
Position your camera to point at the area you wish to detect motion
Download and install the Simple Home Monitor remote monitoring software on to your mobile device (optional)

Subscribe to a premium plan

Your free account will give you continuous monitoring for up to one hour and remote control through your mobile phone.
Subscribe to a premium plan to enable all features, including cloud storage and unlimited continuous monitoring, for a greater level of security.